1. This Saturday! 10pm until close.

  2. I’m playing records at Showtime tonight!! Come say hello before I leave town on a Birthday Buddy business trip. Also tonight; @kidcongopowers is at Velvet Lounge ! (at Showtime Bar)

  3. OTTOBAR TONIGHT FOR @unbooking FEST ! (at Ottobar)

  4. I’m at Dodge City tonight! 917 U street NW in DC

  5. Tonight at Rosie’s & Rockers !

  6. I’m playing records at Velvet Lounge tonight ! #norequests #nononsense (at The Velvet Lounge)

  8. I’m playing records at Showtime tonight so come get your Polaroid taken in front of your background of choice! (at Showtime Bar)

  9. Thnx @gljaguar ! (at The Velvet Lounge)

  10. SMASHING TIME IS THIS FRIDAY AT THE VELVET LOUNGE IN DC #danceparty #norequests #regretsy (at The Velvet Lounge)