1. I’ll be playing records tonight at Showtime starting around 10pm until close! (at Showtime Bar)

  2. 🎥Tonight at velvet lounge 💣 (at The Velvet Lounge)

  3. Tomorrow night! (at The Velvet Lounge)

  4. Covering for DJ Burrz-a-thon at Dodge City tonight #onesandtwos (at Dodge City DC)

  5. Calendar of upcoming parties!

  6. Tonight! SMASHING TIME at the Velvet Lounge in DC, and @kidcongopowers at Home Sweet Home in NYC

  7. I’m playing records in the basement of Saint-ex tonight starting at 10pm ! (at Cafe Saint-Ex)

  8. 💊💊SHOWTIME TONIGHT 💉💉 (at Showtime Bar)

  9. Chill chalkboard and attendant 4 sale get it before I do. P.s. SMASHING TIME is tonight at the Velvet Lounge!

  10. This Friday! (at The Velvet Lounge)