1. Calendar of upcoming parties!

  2. Tonight! SMASHING TIME at the Velvet Lounge in DC, and @kidcongopowers at Home Sweet Home in NYC

  3. I’m playing records in the basement of Saint-ex tonight starting at 10pm ! (at Cafe Saint-Ex)

  4. 💊💊SHOWTIME TONIGHT 💉💉 (at Showtime Bar)

  5. Chill chalkboard and attendant 4 sale get it before I do. P.s. SMASHING TIME is tonight at the Velvet Lounge!

  6. This Friday! (at The Velvet Lounge)

  7. Playing soul records on H st NE in this luxurious nest until 5pm and yes the game is on here, too (at The Lodge at Red Rocks)

  8. YEAH thanks Baltimore! Back in DC tonight to play records at Dodge City starting at 10pm

  9. Tonight in Baltimore!! Starts at 10:30 (at Golden West Cafe)

  10. I’m playing records tonight at the Velvet Lounge on U street! Starts around 10 and there’s food next door at Dodge City (at The Velvet Lounge)